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The staff are very friendly, and work hard to be flexible with their appointment schedule to accommodate my changing needs. The overall practice environment and experience is perfect for me and my children – we feel very comfortable coming there for our orthodontic treatment.

Louise T

Who will I meet?

Your free pre-consultation appointment will take place will our friendly Treatment Coordinator, Sandra. Find out what your treatment options are and ask any questions you may have about having treatment!

What will happen?

Sandra will explain how orthodontic treatment works and discuss what type of treatment may be right for you. She will provide information on our payment plans and ensure you have everything you need to make an informed decision.

Prefer to see one of our specialists?

You can meet with our Specialist Orthodontist for a thorough orthodontic examination, and walk away with a customised treatment plan that outlines your options and costings for just €150.

Leaders in providing care and treatment

We believe you deserve the best orthodontic treatment, from your initial consultation through to your final result. That's why we became specialists!

What sets us apart is in our name -
Specialist Orthodontic Practice.

What sets us apart

Dr Geoghegan is one of the few specialist orthodontists in Ireland with a PhD.

We consistently embrace new technologies to offer the best service to our patients.

We are specialists in straightening teeth and aligning jaws for patients of all ages.

We are actively involved in, and like to support, our local community.