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€150 payable at your appointment

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Dr. Geoghegan is a caring and extremely skilled orthodontist of high integrity. I give him the highest recommendation to anyone who requires orthodontic work to be done.

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Who will I meet?

You'll meet with our specialist orthodontist, Dr Geoghegan. He'll review your orthodontic requirements and provide you with a tailored treatment plan, outlining the recommendations for achieving a beautiful new smile.

What will happen?

You'll receive a thorough orthodontic examination which includes: photos of your face, smile and teeth, impressions of your teeth, and x-rays of your teeth and jaws. This information will be used to create your customised treatment plan which outlines your options and costings.

How much does it cost?

An initial orthodontic consultation with our specialist orthodontist will cost €150. However, if you decide to proceed with our recommended treatment, this initial fee can be put towards your overall treatment cost.

Leaders in providing care and treatment

We believe that you deserve the best orthodontic treatment, from your initial consultation through to your final result. That's why we became specialists!

What sets us apart is in our name -
Specialist Orthodontic Practice.

What sets us apart

Dr Geoghegan is one of the few specialist orthodontists in Ireland with a PhD.

We consistently embrace new technologies to offer the best service to our patients.

We are specialists in straightening teeth and aligning jaws for patients of all ages.

We are actively involved in, and like to support, our local community.