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What to expect
during your orthodontic consultation

Specialist Orthodontic Specialist
  • Who will I meet?

    You'll meet one-on-one with our experienced Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Geoghegan. He'll assess your orthodontic needs and goals so he can provide you with a tailored treatment plan for achieving a stunning new smile.

  • What will happen?

    Dr Geoghehan will do a full examination of your smile with photos and x-rays of your teeth and jaws. He will use this information to design your custom treatment plan. You will then learn about the custom length and cost of your proposed treatment.

  • How much will it cost?

    Your full orthodontic consultation will cost €150. However, if you decide to proceed with treatment, this fee will be put towards your overall treatment costs.

Industry-leading care and treatment

Dr Geoghegan is one of the most experienced Specialist Orthodontists in all of Ireland. He will use his expertise to transform your smile with the utmost precision and comfort. Dr Geoghegan is:

  • One of the few specialist orthodontists in Ireland with a PhD.
  • Always embracing new technologies to offer the best service to his patients.
  • Trained to treat even the most complex orthodontic issues - as well as sleep apnoea.
  • Actively involved in the support of our local community.

Our smile gallery

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