About SOP

At The Specialist Orthodontic Practice we are proud to be able to put a beautiful smile on the face of all our patients. We enjoy working with our patients of all ages to ensure you receive the very best result from your treatment.

Meet our team here at SOP and find out why patients before you have chosen us to straighten their teeth.

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe in our mission statement and treatment philosophy and would like our patients to understand and appreciate those in order to develop high, yet realistic, expectations of their treatment with us.

Mission Statement

At SOP, we strive to provide exceptional orthodontic care to children, teenagers and adults. The team is proud to maintain the high-quality care Dr. Gerry Murray has become known for these last 30 years. Under the new leadership of Dr. Finn Geoghegan, we continue to apply the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in all aspects of our patient-centered practice and seek to create results that exceed patients’ expectations. At SOP, the team of professional staff members aims to create a truly positive experience by offering outstanding personalised service to our patients and their families in an efficient and effective way.

Treatment Philosophy

We believe communication is integral to providing total patient satisfaction and a great treatment result. Patients and their parents are always welcome to ask questions as this ensures that everyone is collectively working towards the same goals and treatment objectives. We want you to have confidence in our ability to provide you with the optimal orthodontic treatment and to feel comfortable in recommending us to your friends and family. In addition, with our patients’ consent, we work closely with their general dentists and other specialists to provide comprehensive care.

Every patient in our practice is unique and deserves to receive equally unique orthodontic care. Therefore, the SOP team is committed to implement bespoke treatment plans that reflect the patient’s needs, perspective and desires to create aesthetic, functional and stable smiles.