Orthodontic fees

Orthodontic fees

The overall fee for your orthodontic treatment depends on several factors, such as the complexity of care and the anticipated duration of treatment. Dr. Geoghegan creates your orthodontic treatment plan according to your needs and, because no two treatment plans are identical, costs may vary from patient to patient.


Before we begin the full treatment process with each patient, we outline in detail to you what the total fee will be for your specific treatment. There are no surprises and you know exactly what you will be paying.

At SOP, we take great care when recommending the most suitable treatment options for you or your child. It is a four-stage process and here is an outline of the costs involved:

Stage 1: Pre-consultation appointment – no cost

If you would like some gratis Information and Advice on what treatment options are available to you and the likely costs of these treatments, please contact SOP where our dedicated treatment co-ordinator will be able to answer all your questions. We will also outline the duration of the treatment process and what the treatment process entails for your particular circumstances.

Stage 2: Specialist Orthodontic Consultation – €150

If you are happy to proceed to the next stage, we will schedule a Specialist Orthodontic Consultation for you with Dr. Geoghegan. The cost of this consultation is €150 and includes all records and x-rays which are required for a comprehensive diagnosis and full treatment planning. This fee will be deducted from the overall treatment cost if you decide to proceed with orthodontic treatment.

Stage 3: Treatment Journey

As indicated, the cost of your treatment will be specific to your orthodontic needs. As a guide, the cost of treatments at SOP start from:

  • Fixed appliances from €2600 (single arch)
  • Fixed appliances from €3600 (both arches)
  • Clear aligners from €3600
  • Functional appliances from €1200
  • Lingual appliances from €5600

Stage 4: Retention

Once your orthodontic treatment is complete, Dr. Geoghegan will prescribe a custom Retention schedule appropriate for you to make sure your teeth and jaws stay in their new position and keep your smile looking its best! All of SOP’s treatments include retainers and a period of supervised retention with Dr. Geoghegan.

Payment plans

Orthodontics is a substantial investment towards achieving good dental and oral health as well as an exceptional smile. Thus, we offer some flexible payment plans to meet the needs of each patient and family. In an effort to make SOP’s orthodontic treatments affordable whilst maintaining the highest level of professional care, we offer the following options:

Payment plans

  • If full payment is made at the onset of treatment, we will offer a fee reduction
  • To suit your individual needs, financial arrangements can be made to extend your payments over the course of treatment without additional cost or interest
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, debit cards, cash and cheques

Please contact SOP if you have queries or would like more information regarding our treatments and fees.

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If you have any questions or would like to discuss orthodontic needs, please contact our reception to schedule an appointment.

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