Smile with our specialists

At The Specialist Orthodontic Practice we are committed to making you smile. We offer two different types of initial appointments to get you started. Choose the one you wish to book and we look forward to welcoming you to SOP.

  • FREE Pre-Consultation Appointment. At this visit, our treatment co-ordinator will discuss with you what treatment options are available to suit your teeth and your budget and the likely costs of these treatments. We will also outline the duration of the treatment process and what the treatment process entails for your particular circumstances.
  • Specialist Orthodontic Consultation. Once you've had your pre-consultation appointment, we will arrange for you to see Dr. Geoghegan. Here, you will recieve a full Specialist Orthodontic Consultation, which is arguably the most important appointment. The team will review your medical and dental history followed by a comprehensive analysis of your teeth, jaws and facial structures. Dr. Geoghegan wil then outline his diagnosis and formulate the appropiate treatment options. You will be given a detailed set of photographs and treatment options with costings to take with you. The  cost of this consultation is €150 and includes all records, impressions, x-rays and photos. If you decide to proceed with treatment, this fee will be deducted from the overall treatment cost.